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Hey there, I'm Max

Frontend Developer

Based in Bristol, UK


I'm Max Lockwood a Frontend Developer with a passion for web design and development. I'm currently employed in the creative field and want to make the switch to web development.

I knew I'd be encouraged to create more after writing my first line of code and creating a working web page. Simply put, I enjoy learning, and this project is an excellent example of that!

I'm looking for a chance to work with a JavaScript framework, and I'd like to learn more about responsive mobile design in the long run.

You can usually find me sketching, hiking, or riding a mountain bike or motorcycle when I'm not coding.

Please visit my contact section if you'd want to learn more about what motivates me.


Here are a set of skills I have experience using as a frontend developer:



React To-Do List App, to showcase my understanding of fundamental React concepts.


Mountain Bike JavaScript Quiz App, a multiple-choice adventure that challenges and educates.


A custom modal window to welcome new users to a teams dashboard.


Intro Component featuring a seamless sign-up form solution complete with advanced form validation.


Crafted with Bootstrap 5, this landing page empowers environmental organizations.


Finance App landing page showcasing responsive web design that engages users across devices.




You can connect and reach me on the following platforms: